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Nov 20, 2015

Vancouver falls significantly behind other Canadian cities in Outdoor Pool amenities...

Why does Vancouver have the fewest outdoor swimming pools of any major city in Canada? During the past ten years, the City of Vancouver has permanently closed 4 outdoor swimming pools - Mount Pleasant, Sunset, Marpole and Hastings. The population has grown and is growing extremely rapidly. Why doesn't Vancouver value this very healthy and valuable outdoor recreation? Vancouver has only 3 outdoor swimming pools - Kitsilano, 2nd Beach and New Brighton Park.

The city indicates that it has 5 outdoor swimming pools, but Maple Grove and the outdoor section of Hillcrest are wading pools. They are not large enough or deep enough for youth or adults. Infact, Vancouver has only 3 outdoor swimming pools. All three outdoor swimming pools are on the waterfront to the north of the city. There are no outdoor swimming pools in any other part of the city. This makes it very difficult for people to access these pools. Certainly, they would need some form of transit to get there. This adds time and cost to the outing. This reduces the amount of swims, as people either cannot be bothered to make the journey or cannot afford to pay for transit and pool entrance fee. (Think of a single parent for example with two children).

Here's some revealing outdoor pool numbers comparing Vancouver to the rest of Canada. These number exclude wading pools. (some of the population numbers are from the 2011 census)


Outdoor Pools in Major Population Centres of Canada

City Population (approx) Number Outdoor Pools
Metro Montreal 3,824,221 74
Toronto 2,791,140 57
Winnipeg 669,346 10
Ottawa 865,650 9
Calgary 1,195,194 7
Edmonton 835,000 5
Vancouver 680,000 3 !!!


Commissioner Coupar and Commissioner De-Genova (NPA) put forward a motion to provide 4.5 million dollars from the 2015-18 Capital Plan to replace the Mount Pleasant Outdoor Swimming Pool. The Park Board GM Malcolm Bromley said that the money was available. However, the Vision Commissioners voted against the motion because they said that they will not build any outdoor swimming pools unless they are at a co-location facility such as Hillcrest. If that is the case, why didn't they build a full size swimming pool at Hillcrest? They have purchased no land for another co-location facility; in fact, they don't even seem able to replace the aging community centers in our city. So, I think we can safely assume that they don't plan to build anymore outdoor swimming pools. This is not good for our ciy or our waist lines.

-Jean Campbell
Secretary, Vancouver Society for Promotion of Outdoor Pools


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    Nov 20, 2014

    There is a renewed hope and purpose after many candidates who are strong supporters of Outdoor Pools won their bids to become Park Board Commissioners.

    Stay tuned as we revamp and re-engerize our strategy and activities to work with the new Park Board and City government.

    There is still lots of work ahead and many volunteers are still needed to achieve the goal of placing and maintaining Outdoor Pools in Vancouver so sign-up now to become a member-and please consider a donation, however small, to help us continue our efforts.

    Our sincere thanks to all for your much needed support...

    -the members and board of the Vancouver Society for Promotion of Outdoor Pools.


    Oct 30, 2014

    Vancouver Park Board votes against funding the Mount Pleasant Pool replacement in the next Capital Plan!

    For those of you who have been following the issue of the Mount Pleasant Pool replacement project and the City of Vancouver Capital Plan, Park Board voted down the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association’s Pool Committee proposal 3:2 on September 30th.  Sadly, the Vision Commissioners that promised to replace the pool pending Capital Funds voted it down.  John Coupar of the NPA made a compelling case to accept the proposal to fund the outdoor pool that mirrored the community’s sentiments and the hard evidence that supported this project.

    The pool project was cited as the top priority through community public consultation as well as the recent citywide Capital Plan Public Consultation.  This issue speaks to much more than the outdoor pool issue, but to the bigger issue of respect for public engagement and public process.


  • Hear Ye Hear Ye, Come One Come All!

    To The Society Pool Party & AGM, Thursday June 17th, 2014

    Grab your blow up pool or your neighbour's and bring them to the Vancouver Society for Promotion of Outdoor Pools' pop-up AGM/Pool Party. Thursday, July 17, 5PM-8PM at Mount Pleasant Park.
    It will be hot, so bring lots of water to drink! Pool water supplied!

  • Car Free Day Main Street, Sunday June 15th, 2014

    We need volunteers to people our booth, hand out flyers, sell our fund raising Pool carrier bags and any other help you can contribute to help get the message out that Mt Pleasant wants the replacement Outdoor Pool that was PROMISED to us by UNANIMOUS VOTE(click to read the minutes) by the Park Board in 2009.

  • Mt Pleasant Community Skateboard Park Open House, Thursday, April 3rd

    The City and Park Board are sponsoring an Open House where you can express your opinion about this proposal as well as other amenities being planned for the Mt. Pleasant community. Tell the planners we also want an Outdoor Pool as promised!

    Location: Mount Pleasant Community Centre, Lobby, 1 Kingsway (Drop-in between 4:00pm - 8:00pm)

  • City of Vancouver Capital Plan

    Stay tuned for the Park Board 2015-2018 Capital Plan consultation.

    Outdoor Pools are essential to the quality of life in Vancouver.  Public consultation has been completed on the Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool replacement project, indicating undisputable public support for a replacement pool now.

    Your participation in the Park Board capital planning process online, through mailers, and at public meetings is essential.

  • Mt Pleasant Community Plan Implementation Package (pdf file)

    The Mt Pleasant Community Plan Implementation Package was adopted by Vancouver City Council in October of 2013. What do you think of this very large and sweeping package overall? Do you think that the community consultation process was fair and truely represented the needs and visions of the citizens of Mt Pleasant? Do you have concerns about the changes that this package may bring to your community?

    Please make you feelings, suggestions and viewpoints known by posting to the Society Facebook blog


  • Nov 16th 2011, From the Vancouver Courier

  • "Outdoor pool, public consultation hot election topics"-by Sandra Thomas


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    Nov 13th 2011, From the

  • Some candidates showed the true colours of toward Outdoor Pools at The Park Board All Candidates Meeting held at Douglas Park on Nov 13, 2011...

    A report of the meeting by on -by Charlie Smith

    Mount Pleasant Community Plan Links-

    Here are some useful links to City of Vancouver and Park Board websites and online docs regarding the Mt. Pleasant Community Planning process and Implementation Plan

    Mt Pleasant Community Plan

    Mt Pleasant Community Plan Implementation Package (pdf file)


    -Opinions, Positions and Ideas-

    We believe the City should be supporting the planning and use of municipal Solar energy projects. SolarCity Partnership is an information sharing resource group that works with cities and municipalities to plan installation and monitoring of large scale solar energy system including outdoor pools.

    Here's a real world example of the use of Solar energy right here in BC at Hudson Hope Hudson Hope Community Pool

    These are the types of systems and alliances that the City of Vancouver and Park Board SHOULD be planning and building if they want to demonstrate that we are truly a GREEN City. Please write Vancouver City Council and Park Board (click here to links) demanding that these type of resources be included in aquatic recreational facilities planning!

    Click the PARK CONCEPT PLAN button at the left to see our vision of how the Pool should be placed in the new Mt Pleasant Park.


    -2012 Society AGM-

    The minutes of our 2012 AGM are available here 2012 AGM


    The History of Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool

    Please read this document as it documents chronologically the highlights of the passionate community support, public events and other actions which have taken place with the goal of saving and now rebuilding the Mount Pleasant Park Outdoor Pool. A big thanks to Margery Duda for providing this doc and chronology!


    Thanks Neighbours for showing your Support at the Park re-opening Ceremonies, July 21, 2012 (pics to left)


    Park Opening Celebration

    Society Secretary Jean Campbell manning our information and sign-up tent. Many neighbours took the time to sign and leave their comments on a petition letter addressed to the Vancouver Park Board and Vancouver City Council.



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      June 02, 2011: Park Board Office, Stanley Park

      Pool Assessment Study results are negative towards Outdoor Pools!
      The future of stand-alone Outdoor Pools in the City of Vancouver will be very bleak if the Park Board Commissioners accept the Aquatic Study as was delivered in preliminary form by the consultants, HCM Architects.

      We recommended these actions starting immediately...

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      May 31, 2011

      Pool Assessment Study released! These are the slides to be presented June 2 at the Planning and Environment Meeting (Park Board offices, 2099 Beach Ave. Vancouver 6:30PM): 2011 Pool Assessment Study Slides

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      Nov 01, 2010

      On Monday November 1st, the Vancouver Park Board voted unanimously to accept the concept plan recommended by Park Board staff for the redevelopment of Mount Pleasant Park. Read more-(PDF doc) Download in MSWord format

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    Oct 20, 2010

    Come out to the Park Board meeting on Monday Nov 01 at Van Park Board Admin Offices, 2099 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, BC

    Vancouver Park Board will vote on a revised concept plan which now includes space for a future Outdoor Pool !! Read more...

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    Sept 23, 2010

    Vancouver Park Board float new outdoor pool idea Link to story...

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    June 23, 2010

    Vancouver Park Board "Open House" angers citizens Read article...

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    June 23, 2010

    Mount Pleasant Pool in next capital plan? ...
    Read story in Frances Bula's website

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    Sept 7, 2009

    Huge community support shown at last Mt Pleasant Pool Party Read story...