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  1. mdubelko says:

    Hello all ourdoor pool lovers, tell us about your swimming experiences in Vancouver and if you miss not having an outdoor pool near you.

  2. Korky Day says:

    I’ve ‘shared’ this to my FaceBook group ‘Improve Vancouver’.
    I especially want to save the indoor pools.

    • Margery Duda says:

      And so we should, Korky. Thanks for sharing our post. We have made a few edits to reflect the VAC updates. Of course we strongly believe that Vancouver needs more outdoor swimming pools, and that we should retain and even add to our inventory of indoor pools as well.

  3. Linda M Adoff-Valdez says:

    Vancouver NEEDS public pools. I don’t have any other pools to use. There are courses that are directly appropriate to my wellbeing, Please Please to not continue to take away local amenities. Don’t leave us HIGH and DRY.

    • mdubelko says:

      Thanks for your support Linda. For the last 12 years, this Society has consistently strived to support Vancouver communities’ need for the health and social benefits that outdoor pools provide. We keep being amazed at how other North American Cities are getting it right by continuing to build and maintain community outdoor pools while Vancouver’s goverment, proclaiming itself to be one of the Greenest and Healtiest in the world, remains at the bottom of the list for numbers of outdoor pools in a city.

    • Margery says:

      Yes, thank you, Linda. The survey closes at 4PM on October 8th and we are recommending that people REJECT all of the recommendations and send them back to the drawing board. Please share the survey and our critique with as many ppl as possible. Out=r link to the survey is broken right now,m but we are working on fixing it. VanSplash: eroding the accessibility of Vancouver aquatics since 2001.
      Completed outdoor pool closures per HCMA (architectural firm specializing in destination pool design) 2001 recommendations:
      Hastings 1993
      Oak Pool (Marpole) 1996
      Sunset 2007
      Mount Pleasant 2009
      Planned indoor pool closures per HCMA’s 2017 VanSplash recommendations :
      Lord Byng
      and eventually, Kensington
      Vancouver Aquatic Centre – elimination of competition training facilities
      Take the VanSplash survey before October 8th and REJECT the recommendations.

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