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Location: The Main on Main restaurant, 4210 Main St. Vancouver BC


Great News! May 30th, 2016 -Vancouver Park Board passes motion to expedite outdoor pools

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The Mount Pleasant group, originally founded to save and rebuild the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Outdoor Pool has now expanded its purpose and scope to include the entire City of Vancouver, BC Canada.

We feel that there is a significent threat to all outdoor acquatic facilities around the city and are seeking to establish and nuture a permanent body of people who are interested in continuing the tradition and value of outdoor swimming pools in urban settings.

There is a sense of renewed hope and purpose in 2016 as the Vancouver Park Board now has many commissioners who are strong supporters of Outdoor Pools.

Stay tuned as we revamp and re-engerize our strategy and activities to work with the new Park Board and City government.

There is still lots of work ahead and many volunteers are still needed to achieve the goal of placing and maintaining Outdoor Pools in Vancouver so sign-up now to become a member-and please consider a donation, however small, to help us continue our efforts.

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all for your much needed support...

As Jane Jacobs, who pioneered citizen involvement and advocacy in our cities said-

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

-The members and Board of the Vancouver Society for Promotion of Outdoor Pools.


Quick facts comparing Vancouver's Outdoor Pool with other Canadian Cities

Outdoor Pools in Major Population Centres of Canada

City Population (approx) Number Outdoor Pools
Metro Montreal 3,824,221 74
Toronto 2,791,140 57
Winnipeg 669,346 10
Ottawa 865,650 9
Calgary 1,195,194 7
Edmonton 835,000 5
Vancouver 680,000 3 !!!



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Top Ten Reasons why Mt. Pleasant Needs A Replacement Outdoor Pool Now

  • 1 -Land has been designated for an outdoor swimming pool

  • 2 -Public consultations all indicate extremely high level of support to replace this amenity

  • 3 -The demolition of Mount Pleasant Pool represents a net loss of community recreational facilities in Mount Pleasant

  • 4 -Increasing population density in the area warrants replacement of this facility

  • 5 -The facility is used and desired by neighbouring communities

  • 6 -An outdoor pool at Mount Pleasant park will complement the new park
    design, elementary school, childcare, and playground.

  • 7 -The pool house attached to the pool will provide year round washroom access.

  • 8 -Replacing the outdoor pool is consistent with promises made by our
    elected Park Board.

  • 9 -The outdoor pool can be a showcase for green technologies in the City
    of Vancouver.

  • 10 -Maintaining neighbourhood inner city recreational facilities is the rational
    and green thing to do.

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    ACTIONS To Take Now To Support Outdoor Pools in Vancouver!

  • -Join the Vancouver Society for Promotion of Outdoor Pools. (Membership Sign-Up Pay-Pal link is at the top of this page)

  • -Attend upcoming Park Board and Council meetings when Aquatics and Aquatic facilities are on the agenda. Park Board Meeting Info
    -or phone: 604-257-8158

  • -Take advantage of radio call-in opportunities; and forward this website to others who will do the same.

  • -Write letters to newspapers and make comments on relevant news websites.

  • -Write letters and emails to city councillors, parks commissioners in support of Outdoor Pools.

  • Some suggested email links are:

    Gregor Robertson and City Council Members:
    Mayor and Council Members

    Park Board General Manager:
    Malcom Bromley

    Park Board Commissioners as a group:
    Park Board Commissioners Group

    Individual Commissioners:
    John Coupar
    Casey Crawford
    Catherine Evans
    Sarah Kirby-Yung
    Stuart Mackinnon
    Erin Shum
    Michael Wiebe

    Park Board General Inquiries:
    General Inquiries

    ...and finally the Park Board Mailing Address:

    General Manager,
    Vancouver Board of ParksĀ and Recreation Administration Office
    2099 Beach Avenue
    Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4

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    The Purpose of the society

    -To promote outdoor pools and community outdoor aquatic activities.

    -To advocate and raise funds for new outdoor pools in Vancouver.

    -To work alongside public, private and not-for-profit organizations to expedite the acquisition of new outdoor pools in Vancouver.

    -To work alongside public, private and not-for-profit organizations to expedite the renovation and repair of existing outdoor pools in Vancouver.

    -To undertake similar or other activities related to recreation and/or wellbeing of children and adults.

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    Donations and Memberships

    Become part of the movement to preserve and promote outdoor acquatic facilities in Vancouver!

    If you are able to make a donatation to help the Society continue its valuable work please click the Donations button at the top of this page.

    This is a registered society open to all. Membership is $5/individual, $10/family, and $25 organization.
    Society Memberships are available by selecting a Membership Type and clicking the Add to Cart button at the top of this page or by emailing our Treasurer, Anita Romaniuk