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Aug 14, 2021, at the Just Off Main Event

VSPOP volunteers manning our table at the Just Off Main event, Aug 14 2021.

It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon at the Just Off Main street event where we were able to talk to and inform many people about the history and progress of our efforts to keep the rebuilding of the Mount Pleasant Park Outdoor Pool on track with the Vancouver Park Board.

A big Thank You to all our volunteers and lovers of outdoor pools in the city for your much needed support.  Please bookmark this site and visit periodically for more updates as the progress of the Pool replacement project continues to evolve. 

Progress Update: May 21, 2021

The Park Board General Manager’s report of May 17th announced that an RFQ will go out within the week to do a study for the long awaited Mount Pleasant Pool replacement plan. There are funds in the 2021 Capital Budget for this process, and the outcome will determine how much money should be allocated to the replacement pool in the 2023-2036 Capital Plan. The RFQ also includes a study on the feasibility of retrofitting the outdoor wading pool at Hillcrest to accommodate swimming, and extending the outdoor pool season at some or all of Vancouver’s outdoor pools. Staff will report back on these items in the fall. In the meantime, please enjoy Vancouver’s remaining outdoor swimming pools and beautiful beaches. Within this PSA there is a link to information about the On Water pilot project that will run at four beaches this summer.…/pools-lifeguards-and-on-water…



May 09, 2021

Well, here we are in May 2021-467 days since COVID cases were first reported in BC-but even in these extremely trying times we’re still holding a hopeful outlook for the restoration of the Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool, a former historic pool located in Mount Pleasant Park, 16th Ave. and Ontario St. Vancouver BC.

We are now looking forward to the next step, which is the planning and design phase of the outdoor swimming pool in Mount Pleasant as contained in the 25-year VanSplash Aquatic Strategy approved by the Park Board in 2019

The strategy also includes a  replacement outdoor swimming pool at Oak Park in Marpole. VSPOP applauds Vancouver residents for the many years of advocacy that led to this outcome, and our proactive elected Park Board who listened and voted unanimously in support of building these outdoor pools.
See the full VanSplash Strategy Report here:

The Vancouver Outdoor Pool Society continues to emphasize the recreational and therapeutic advantages of outdoor swimming pools.  Please continue to send your emails and letters in support of the pool to the Park Board Commissioners to help keep the Mount Pleasant Pool rebuild top of their minds.

Vancouver Park Board Commissioners group email:

City of Vancouver:

Mayor: Kennedy Stewart

Vancouver City Council members:
Rebecca Bligh:
Christine Boyle:
Adriane Carr:
Melissa De Genova:
Lisa Dominato:
Pete Fry:
Colleen Harwick:
Sarah Kirby-Yung:
Jean Swanson:


Elsewhere in the world:

Some great articles on the health, social and community benefits of Outdoor Pools and Swimming

Icelanders are particularly unique in their appreciation of outdoor pools, check this out…

Aug 12, 2020

(Day 198 since BC’s first COVID-19 was confirmed)

From Montecristo Magazine: an article about Vancouver Beaches and ocean swimming-

July 17, 2020

(Day 172 since BC’s first COVID-19 was confirmed)

Vancouver Park Board has approved the 25-year Aquatic Strategy for Vancouver, ‘VanSplash’. The strategy includes a replacement outdoor swimming pool in Mount Pleasant Park, and a replacement outdoor swimming pool at Oak Park in Marpole. VSPOP applauds Vancouver residents for the many years of advocacy that led to this outcome, and our proactive elected Park Board who listened and voted unanimously in support of building these outdoor pools. ***

Outdoor swimming pools are more essential now than ever, and VSPOP needs your help in lobbying Park Board to prioritize these projects. Oak Pool is a bigger project being delivered with an entire park redesign and new community centre build at Marpole, while Mount Pleasant Pool could be easily expedited to bring outdoor swimming back to Mount Pleasant for 2021.

VSPOP wants to see more outdoor swimming pools throughout the inner city now.

The purposes of the society are:
a) To promote outdoor aquatic activities.
b) To advocate, promote, and raise funds for new outdoor pools in Vancouver.
c) Work alongside public, private, and not-for-profit organizations to expedite the acquisition of new outdoor pools in Vancouver.
d) Work alongside public, private, and not-for-profit organizations to expedite the renovation and repair of existing Vancouver outdoor pools.
e) Undertake similar or other activities related to recreation and/or the well-being of children and adults.

This is a registered society open to all.

Annual membership is $5/individual, $10/family, and $25 organization.

Memberships and donations are gratefully accepted through the donation link in the right column of this page.

Please email and express your concerns to our Park Board Commissioners.


Dec 2019 – Finally, a First Step Toward Success!

Mt. Pleasant Outdoor Pool replacement added to VanSplash report recommendations:

In a significant step toward actually getting the lost Mount Pleasant outdoor pool back, the Vancouver Park Board at their Oct 28 meeting unanimously approved an amended VanSplash Report which included the replacement of the Mt. Pleasant Outdoor Pool.  Other pool positive amendments included the development of upgrade plans to extend the life of existing pools, include the word “Outdoor” to references to Pools in the report, investigate creating a naturally filtered ‘green’ outdoor pool at Trout Lake (John Hendry Park) and possibly other locations,  extend the operational life of Templeton and Lord Byng pools from 5 to 10 years after Britannia and Connaught pools become operational.  Also passed at the same meeting was the preferred Park Concept Plan (see Appendix D in this report: Marpole Community Centre Renewal) for Oak Park including a new community centre to replace Vancouver’s oldest community centre, and a new outdoor swimming pool to replace the pool that closed in 1996! The pool was in fact approved in January 2018, but including it in the Park Concept Plan tonight really gels the reality.

However for the short term Vancouver’s Outdoor Pools status remains –With the closure of  Hastings (1993), Marpole (1996), Sunset (2007), and Mount Pleasant (2009), Vancouver’s only three full-size outdoor pools are Kitsilano, Second Beach, & New Brighton, plus a children’s pool at Maple Grove. Want to cool off this summer in an outdoor pool? Find information on opening hours here:

So What Else Needs To Be Done?

We want to emphasize that until we are actually able to swim in a new Mt. Pleasant Park Outdoor Pool, the fight is not over!

While we applaud and congratulate the Vancouver Park Board Commissioners for their courage and commitment to step up and finally take the first step toward fulfilling a commitment to the Mt. Pleasant community that goes back to 2002, both the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Park Board’s have an uneven history of making and NOT making good on actually implementing public commitments. Sometimes politics can interfere with policy and good common sense. We need to use our utmost diligence in keeping track of the progress of moving the amended VanSplash recommendations towards their newly stated goals: please write to to support and encourage the continuing steps and actions needed to restore, rebuild and create new Outdoor Pools in the City of Vancouver.

Number of Vancouver’s Outdoor Pools Compared With Other Canadian Cities

Outdoor Pools in Major Population Centres of Canada

City Population (approx) Number of Outdoor Pools
Metro Montreal 3,824,221 74
Toronto 2,791,140 59
Winnipeg 669,346 10
Ottawa 865,650 9
Calgary 1,195,194 7
Edmonton 835,000 5
Vancouver 680,000

Aug 17, 2017

We had a great Popup Pool event on Sunday at Mount Pleasant Park-

We had a chance to speak to many of our neighbours who dropped by and it’s clear that the people want their outdoor pool back.  Be sure to read the the sad history of broken promises by the City of Vancouver and Park Board to replace and rebuild the pool on the Articles and Links tab above.

-See CTVTV’s news coverage of our Popup Pool event held on the site of the demolished Mt. Pleasant Park outdoor pool.

(click image to watch video)


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