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Aug-Sept 2022
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Sign the Petition on Funding Mount Pleasant Pool

Why are we petitioning the Vancouver Park Board now?

Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool was included in the Vancouver Park Board’s Aquatic Strategy in 2019, but is still not funded.

We are petitioning the Vancouver Park Board and City of Vancouver to identify funding to build the pool by 2026.

Please read, sign, and share the petition if you are interested in the return of outdoor swimming for thousands of people in Vancouver’s urban core. The host site may ask for a donation but it is NOT required in order to sign and show your support.

As of Saturday, September 24th 2022 we have over 1187 signatures. (651 digital + 536 on paper)

Sign now to add your support, the candidates are watching!


Our position and facts on the state of Pools in Vancouver:

Vancouver is deficient in outdoor swimming pools, and the summer of 2022 proved that once again with people lining up for several hours to get into a pool during a heat wave only to be turned away.

Residents have been waiting for the return of Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool since the old pool was demolished in 2009.  Funding for Marpole Pool was allocated in the previous Capital Plan, but sadly has now been deferred to a second phase of the redevelopment of Marpole /Oak Park.

The rebuilding of the pools continues to face challenges due to City funding shortfalls and ongoing staff opposition to funding pools even though funding for pools has been strongly supported through many public consultations and Park Board approved policies. 

VSPOP fully supports rebuilding the pools that will give long term benefits to the broader community. 

We hope to gain support from our elected representatives on Park Board and Council for reallocating and topping up capital funds and seeking funds from other levels of government, as per this motion tabled at the Park Board meeting held on June 27th:

Moved by Commissioner John Irwin: 

D. THAT the Vancouver Park Board direct staff to explore reallocating $11.5 million of funds in the proposed 2023–2026 Capital Plan to facilitate the planning, design and building of the Mount Pleasant Pool; $5.5 million from converting parkland to healthy habitat; and $6 million from other sources of funding to be determined by staff.
In favour: Barker, Coupar, Giesbrecht, Irwin, Mackinnon Opposed: Demers, Dumont


As well as:

E. THAT the Park Board request Council for additional funding to complete the outdoor pool phase of the Marpole Community Centre renewal plan.




June 17, 2022
Park Board will hold a Special Meeting on the 2023 – 2026 Capital Plan on June 27th.
The public is encouraged to register to speak in person or via telephone to the Draft Capital Plan.
Letters are also encouraged, as soon as the agenda item is posted on the Vancouver Park Board Meeting Schedule. Letters must be received after the meeting is posted, and before 3pm on June 27th.
This 4-year Capital Plan could fund a replacement outdoor swimming pool in Mount Pleasant.
Public engagement over several years has shown growing support for the pool, and our extreme weather and lack of outdoor swimming pools in Vancouver means that building this facility now that will serve the community for 40 to 50 years is a much needed investment.
In the preliminary public engagement period that ended May 22nd, 26 letters of support were received for Mount Pleasant Pool, and 26 letters were sent opposing the replacement pool. After several years of engagement with the community and the overwhelming support that is evident, VSPOP, Friends of Mount Pleasant Pool, and the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association  encourage interested community members to take a few minutes to put their support in writing. We will announce here when letters are being accepted and the email address details.
Please note that Mount Pleasant Pool is not currently funded in the 2023-2026 Draft Capital Plan despite being a priority in the VanSplash Aquatic Strategy. Park Board is working to find a way to fund it among the vast number of parks, amenities, and community centres that require capital funding.
Since Mount Pleasant Pool has been bumped off the books and since it was originally in the 2006-2008 Draft Capital Plan, the rebuilding of the pool is long overdue.
The closure of Kitsilano Pool this summer and the heat dome last summer are clear indicators that it is time to move this project forward.
Please take some time now to make outdoor swimming in Mount Pleasant a reality.
Stay tuned here for an announcement that the Agenda Item for the Special Meeting on the Capital Plan is live, so your letters will become a part of the official consultation.
May 16, 2022
Trout Lake will have the chance to become swimmable again, thanks to the John Hendry Park Renewal Plan being adopted at Park Board with the following amendment put forward at last night’s meeting by Park Board Commissioner John Coupar:


D) That the Vancouver Park Board direct staff to develop and implement a plan to prioritize water quality improvements to ensure safe swimming at Trout Lake with a goal to eliminate public swimming closures as a result of unsafe E. coli levels.

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