VanSplash Update: Park Board Decides January 29, 2018

Two long nights of speakers at the Park Board Committee meeting December 11th and December 12th, 2017, with not one person or group in support of the VanSplash proposal. Bravo to all the passionate and articulate speakers aged from 6 to 94 with a variety of reasons for not supporting the proposal, and to Park Board Commissioners for asking meaningful questions that will hopefully help us better provide for all Vancouver aquatic users.

The elected board tabled their discussions on VanSplash to the Park Board Committee meeting on January 29th. Stay committed. Stay tuned. Meetings are streamed online at:

The Vancouver Park Board is one of the only elected bodies of its kind in Canada. As with all other civic elected posts in the City of Vancouver, seven Park Board Commissioners are elected every four years. The last civic election took place in November 2014 and the next election will be held in Oct…


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