Vancouver Votes for Outdoor Swimming Pools October 20th!

Park Board candidates positions on swimming pools:

This group brings you the different parties platforms on outdoor pools. We do not endorse any one party over another related to all of the issues, but share information with our readers regarding the outdoor swimming pool issue in this election campaign, and draw attention to the parties and/or candidates who support outdoor swimming pools and aquatics in general.
‘Building on the VanSplash Aquatic Strategy, prioritize additional outdoor and indoor swimming pools while working toward safer, cleaner beaches.’
‘Swimming pools for all: Replace and retain neighbourhood indoor and outdoor pools, and improve equity and access to swimming lessons and aquafit across the city.’
Stuart Mackinnon states that his commitment to neighbourhood services including aquatics has not wavered and that he stands by his past platforms. Although there is no official support for aquatics in the current Green platform, Commissioner Mackinnon has been publicly supportive.
Candidates that have claimed support for outdoor pools and Mount Pleasant Pool on the public record (but not in their platforms) include Greg Edgelow and Rick Hurlbut of ProVancouver.

Vote yes for the Capital borrowing question on your ballot to support the replacement and renewal of our public amenities.

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