Park Board Draft 2019-2022 Capital Plan

Important Park Board Capital Plan Update:
One outdoor swimming pool, Oak Pool in Marpole, is included in the Draft Capital Plan. This is a great start!
Despite Park Board approval in 2010, Mount Pleasant Pool is not in the Draft Plan. Please see below what actions you can take to lobby for this amenity.
The Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association (MPCCA) will again submit a Proposal to Park Board for the Mount Pleasant Pool replacement project. Please note that the MPCCA has lobbied for the pool replacement in the last 4 prior Capital Plans, spanning 13 years (2006-2008, 2009-2011, 2012-2014, and 2015-2018). The project was included in the DRAFT 2006-2008 Capital Plan, but was cut from the final plan.
Schedule Summary of meetings and consultation:
May 30th – June 22nd Park Board CCA and stakeholder consultation period
June 4th – Draft Capital Plan presented to Board Commissioners for information
June 12th – Park Board CCA and stakeholder session at Creekside Community Centre (at 6pm)
July – Capital Plan Reports to Park Board Commissioners and City Council – usually open to delegations
October 20th – Plebiscite, final Capital Plan – VOTE!
You can follow the Capital Plan process on the City’s Capital Plan webpage at
Park Board welcomes and encourages your input!
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