Capital Plan 2019-2022 Update

The Vancouver Board of Parks and
Recreation did not include a
replacement outdoor pool in Mount
Pleasant Community Park in the 2019
– 2022 Capital Plan at its July 19
meeting. This means that the pool will
be considered as part of City-wide
Advisory Committee consultations that
the Park Board will be conducting in
2019. The Commissioners decided to
strike this committee after the
previous VanSplash recommendations,
which were unfavourable to
neighbourhood pools, were met with
disapproval by many users of
Vancouver’s aquatic facilities. All is not
lost, however, because the Parks
Commissioners will have the
opportunity to identify and reallocate
funds to build a new outdoor pool in
Mount Pleasant once the Aquatics
Advisory Committee reports back in
On October 20, 2018, Vancouverites
will vote to elect the seven Parks
Commissioners who will decide
whether to fund a replacement outdoor
pool in Mount Pleasant Community
Park at 16 th and Ontario, as well as ten
City Councillors who will control the
overall allocation of capital funding to
the Park Board. What you can do:
 Attend all-candidates meetings in
September and October 2018 and
ask the candidates if they support
a replacement outdoor pool in
Mount Pleasant Community Park.
 Follow the website
( and
Facebook page for the Vancouver
Society for Promotion of Outdoor
Pools for news about aquatics
issues, and Mount Pleasant pool
in particular, during the election.
 Consider joining the Aquatics
Advisory Committee in 2019. The
Park Board will be appointing
stakeholders to this committee.
 Participate in the consultations
that the Aquatics Advisory
Committee and the Park Board
will conduct in 2019. Let them
know that Vancouver is
underserved in outdoor pools
compared to other municipalities,
and that you support Vancouver’s
neighbourhood pools.
Have a great summer! Swim often in
Vancouver’s remaining 3 outdoor
swimming pools!!

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