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June 23, 2010: Open House angers citizens...

  • empty-img-big At this 'Open House' the Pool was not represented as an actual feature because it is not in the current Capital Plan which is in effect through 2011. There was a dotted outline for a future pool. Pool advocates such as the Mount Pleasant Pool Committee, “Friends of Mount Pleasant Pool’ on Facebook, and the Vancouver Society for Promotion of Outdoor Pools are advocating for funds to be allocated in the 2012-2014 Capital Plan for the replacement swimming pool that has been promised by Park Board. ‘We intend to hold the Park Board accountable and to retain these essential public facilities”. What was so disturbing about the “Open House’ on June 21st is that one of the major design elements presented for discussion was a ‘water play pad’. The community has already rejected this option several times in previous consultations. I spoke with two 7-year old girls yesterday who were upset about this saying ‘ But that won’t be any fun for us. And what about our moms and dads?’ A water play pad in Mount Pleasant Park would be the worst strategy in terms of replacing the outdoor swimming pool. It would waste scare dollars on a feature that all previous consultations have proven is not desired by taxpayers, and would use up space that the full-size swimming pool should occupy. The Open House was an example of a poor use of the consultation budget in that it failed to adequately incorporate the decisions that have already been made through past consultations. It reinforces the public’s opinion that Park Board Staff are using these public processes to fulfill their own agendas. The result is a very angry and confused community of people who have loyally supported the outdoor pool through multiple public processes over the past seven years, and who expect Park Board’s motions of October 31, 2005 and December 14, 2009 to be genuinely represented in this process. Pool advocates strongly urge citizens to stay alert and be present for further opportunities to reinforce the Park Board directive to replace the pool at Park Board meetings (Park Board agendas on their website), on the Facebook Group ‘Friends of Mount pleasant Pool”, and Capital Plan meetings that will be scheduled next year when the 2012-2014 Capital Plan is decided by Park Board.
    We expect more of our Park Board. We expect open discussion about plans for the new outdoor swimming pool, not more misleading public presentations at our expense.


Friends of Mt Pleasant Pool